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Introducing Broker is a good way to start your own business through Internet with almost zero charges. Bullpartners Introducing Brokers Program allows independent partners all over the world get success and build their own business-team with the most effective tools we have.


Who is Introducing Broker?

  Introducing Broker is an independent partner that provides possible clients with information
about broker services and abilities of OTC-markets. By using personal agent code and agent
tools Introducing Broker can build his own agent team and get more clients. IB profit depends
on a client's personal activity at the market and an agent gets the payoff from the fixed part of
spread from each client’s deal with FX instruments. IB can earn up to $20 per full trading lot.
Become an Introducing Broker with our Bullpartners Program and get the 5 lines payoff system,
4 personal status of agent, personal agent code, landing pages and tools for promotion.
Use this tools on your site, blog or social networks and get views of those who may be
interested in Internet trading.


Become Platinum and receive up to $30 per deal!

According to Bullpartners Program every agent gets the 5 lines payoff system that
provides abilities to receive the part of the payoff up to the 5th line of referal agents
in your agent team. Agent personal payoff at the 1st line is ranged from $2,5 at
Bronze to $20 per lot at Platinum. The more active clients agent has the more
money can be earned. Getting more agents at the 1st line allows the agent to
achieve higher status. There are 4 personal agent statuses: Bronze, Silver, Gold
and Platinum. Achieving a new status means increasing agent personal payoff of
a lot at the all 5 lines. Your success depends on you and your agent team. Try our
IB program right now!


How it works?



Become an Introducing Broker.



Introduce OTC-market and to possible clients and register them using your agent code.



Or simply promote your business online & worldwide by using agent tools: links, banners, landings.



Use promotion tools to build up your effective business team with the 5 lines payoff system.



If possible clients start trading FX market through you will get part of spread from their FX deals.



Use statistics desk in web office to view your success and control the process.


How much can agent earn?


Bullpartner Bronze

Basic agent level after activation of the program.


Bullpartner Silver

If you get 100 referals (agent or possible clients) at 1st line your status will be changed to Silver.


Bullpartner Gold

If you get 500 referals at 1st line your status will be changed to Gold.


Bullpartner Platinum

If you get 1000 referals at 1st line your status will be changed to Platinum.

1st line $2,5 $5 $10 $20
2nd line $0,5 $1 $2 $4
3rd line $0,25 $0,5 $1 $2
4th line $0,125 $0,25 $0,5 $1
5th line $0,025 $0,5 $0,1 $0,2

 *Value of reward in USD per each FX deal by full lot.



风险警告。 投资者与交易者注意!