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21:47 10 Aug 2020

The previous week began for the American stock market with moderate growth, the main driver of which was the positive dynamics of the shares of the largest technology companies.

20:00 10 Aug 2020

The general optimistic sentiment at the market was the reason for the growth of oil quotations at the beginning of last week.

15:39 03 Aug 2020

Major US stocks rallied moderately last Monday as expectations of additional stimulus from Congress and new signals of willingness to act from the Fed outweighed concerns about continued rising COVID-19 cases and the tensions between the US and China.

15:41 03 Aug 2020

The past week began with weak multidirectional dynamics due to an increase in cases of coronavirus infection as well as due to growing tensions between the United States and Russia.

20:56 28 Jul 2020

The US stock market started last week with moderate gains on positive news from clinical trials against COVID-19.

20:21 27 Jul 2020

The week began for the global oil market in negative territory over fears of an increase in COVID-19 cases.

15:06 20 Jul 2020

Last week began for the US stock market with a decline due to concerns about the continued growth of infected COVID-19.

15:32 20 Jul 2020

On Monday a report appeared, according to which, in 2019, OPEC countries' revenues from oil exports decreased for the first time since 2014 and amounted to $ 564.9 billion.

20:49 12 Jul 2020

The revival of Chinese economy and the unexpected increase in activity in the US services sector had a positive effect on the dynamics of the US stock market on Monday.

20:51 12 Jul 2020

The previous week began with mixed dynamics of oil quotes.


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