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Trading platform. offers trading terminal Bulltrader for PC, mobile devices and browser-based terminal Bulltrader Web. Keep your finger on the pulse of the financial markets with solutions for PC, mobile devices and browsers.

Web-platform. Compatible with
most modern browsers.

A web platform for trading. Does not require
installation. Get started now in your browser.
A great solution for quick market view and
quick entry even if you have no platform
installed on pc or mobile device. Just go
to the website and start
trading in your browser window.

Mobile version to trade with
mobile devices.

Stay up to date with the latest movements
in the financial markets with mobile app for
online trading. Quotes online, charts of
financial instruments and the possibility to
perform transactions straight through
Your mobile device. The platform is available
for devices based on Android OS and iOs.


4 reasons to choose Bulltrader trading terminal

Classical trading in modern execution.

Comfortable interface

Support of different devices

Work in browser


How to choose the best trading terminal?

Many traders have a question – how to choose a good trading terminal for trading at financial markets? A modern trading terminal must have: high quality of visualization,r comfortable and comprehensive interface, operation in several clicks, cross-platforming, possibility to work without installation on PC. Bulltrader trading terminal of follows these requirements.

Advantages of Bulltrader trading terminal of

Bulltrader is developed by Utip Technologies, one of the innovative company-developer of trading software. In 2013 Utip Technologies got the award for the best trading platform for FOREX. Today Bulltrader platform provides the opportunity to deal with modern FOREX and CFD instruments, metals, spots, futures, goods, etc. A trader can install the software on PC, notepad or smart phone, and the web-terminal allows to do all the operations in browser without installation of the program.


Launching the program, generally we don't open a manual or watch video, we try to understand ourselves. The colors and designer's solutions chosen by the developer form general feeling about the program. Comprehensive and pleasant interface is a key-factor of choosing a program. Bulltrader platform responses to the needs of newcomers and experienced traders. On of the developers mottoes is “let's get rid of odd interfaces and dry figures. Bulltrader terminal is made according to the principles: everything in the same window, soft neutral colors, handy manipulations. “Scalpers are also taken into account”. Bulltrader terminal will allow you to get involved into the fascinating world of financial market and to begin active trading.

Forex trading

For FOREX traders we prepared a vast range of instruments for effective trading in Bulltrader terminal. You have all the types of orders: 2 market orders, 4 postponed orders and 2 stop orders. The postponed and stop orders can be made at the price level and in points of the current price. The technology of orders processing at the FOREX market – Instant Execution (without price demanding), without dealer's participation (NDD), with the yield of liquidity provider (STP). There is a report of all the operations and executed orders in different formats available in the client's terminal.

Web platform for FOREX trading

Sometimes the situations arrive when there is a perfect moment at the market to open a deal or a traders needs to quickly close a deal but he doesn't have a PC with installed platform and the smart-phone is drained at the most inappropriate moment. We have the solution. Use the web-terminal, get the access to your trading account with any PC  even if the trading platform is not installed.

Market analysis

For successful trading you need to visually imagine the price behavior of a financial instrument. Diagrams is an integral part of all the modern trading programs. Platform developers tried to foresee all the necessary graphs visual options for traders' comfortable work. In the terminal all the diagrams can be seen in bookmarks or in the same window.  

Automatic trading

According to the recent statistic data about 80% of deals at the world market is made by robots (the software for automatic deals opening). It is not necessary to constantly stay in front of a PC for trading at currency and stock markets. Bulltrader terminal gives the possibility to increase the quantity of profitable deals because of the automatization of processes

What platform to choose for FOREX trading?

There are a lot of trading platforms or trading terminals with the help of which you can act at financial markets. Choosing a trading platform for FOREX or CFD you should pay attention to interface. The comprehensive the terminal is, the more comfortable is it's usage. Bulltrader has intuitive interface that allows to begin trading immediately. No difficulties, everything is on the screen, “at hand”, in place. Appreciate the convenience of Bulltrader and may be it will get the status of “The best FOREX trading terminal” for you. Test and appreciate yourself!


Our services include products that are traded on margin and carry a risk that you can lose more than your initial deposit. The products may not be suitable for everyone - please ensure you fully understand the risks involved. There is a high level of risk involved with trading leveraged products such as forex and CFDs. You should not risk more than you can afford to lose, it is possible that you may lose more than your initial investment. You should not trade unless you fully understand the true extent of your exposure to the risk of loss. When trading, you must always take into consideration your level of experience. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that the Client can accept the Services and/or enter into the Transactions in the country in which the Client is resident. If the risks involved seem unclear to you, please seek independent advice.