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One of the main news of the past week was the information that Saudi Arabia restored oil production after the attack on the fields.

Saudis are now focused on publicly offering Saudi Aramco shares, said Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman. Currently, Saudi Arabia’s production capacity is 11.3 million barrels of oil per day. The minister named this figure during the Moscow Energy Conference. “We have accepted this challenge,” he said, “Now we have stabilized production, and our capacities currently amount to 11.3 million barrels per day. We have all the necessary tools to overcome difficulties in the future. ” The public offering of shares in Saudi Aramco is a key element of the Saudi plan to diversify the economy to reduce oil dependence. Currently, 20 financial institutions are participating in the preparation for the IPO.

In addition, it became known that Saudi Arabia sent messages to the Iranian president through leaders of other fears, a representative of the Iranian government said. “Saudi messages were provided to Hassan Rouhani by leaders of other countries,” said government spokesman Ali Rabiei, “if Saudi Arabia really intends to change its behavior, then Iran welcomes this step.” However, Rabiey did not disclose the content of the messages. Earlier, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia said that oil prices could soar “to unimaginable heights” if the world powers did not agree to contain Iran. He also added that he preferred a political solution to the conflict over the military. In a separate statement, a representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry said that the Islamic Republic was ready to negotiate with other countries, in particular the United Arab Emirates.

Russia has traditionally been supporting Iran. The Russian side is opposed to accusing Iran of attacking Saudi oil facilities, as there is no evidence of this, said Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at Russian Energy Week. When asked how he views the attack on the oil facilities of Saudi Arabia, he replied: “We condemn this, but we are against shifting blame on Iran, as there is no evidence for that.” Putin emphasized that fluctuations in the oil market did occur, since the losses in Saudi Arabia were serious. But, according to him, within a week everything recovered on world markets and now the price of Brent has fallen below $ 60 per barrel. “Yesterday we also discussed this topic with the President of (Iran) Rouhani, his position is that Iran relieves itself of all responsibility for this event, it is not involved in this event, and for him, for Iran, the position of some countries is somewhat strange, who without sufficient reason and without receiving the results of an international investigation appoint him guilty ”,Putin said.

In turn, Iran does not intend to weaken its military presence in the Persian Gulf region after the “drone attack” on Saudi Arabia on September 14, the American admiral said. “I believe that they’re not even going to retreat,” said US Fifth Fleet commander Jim Malloy. The United States, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France and Germany have publicly accused Iran of assaulting Saudi oil infrastructure. Tehran denies all allegations. At the same time, the Iranian-backed armed group Houthi assumed responsibility for the attack. Over the past few months, Iran has hinted and threatened to complicate oil supplies as much as possible if all sanctions are not lifted from Tehran. “They give a signal, exhaust and provoke,” as Malloy described the actions of Iran. Washington in June announced the launch of a maritime operation in the Persian Gulf to ensure the safety of cargo transportation in the region. However, some European powers were anxious and doubtful about this initiative.


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