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At the beginning of the previous week, the story of the Iranian tanker, previously liberated by the authorities of Gibraltar, ended.

The oil was sold, but the recipient remained unknown. After Gibraltar freed the tanker Grace 1, which sailed off the coast of the overseas territory of the United Kingdom under the new name Adrian Darya 1, the United States issued a warrant for the re-arrest of the ship and promised that they would not allow it to deliver oil to the Syrian port, bypassing American sanctions - the initial alleged reason for the detention of the Iranian ship.

Freight data Refinitiv Eikon currently no longer captures tanker traffic to Turkey, the previously planned weekend destination. At the same time, the cargo on board the tanker remains in place, judging by the information coming from the Mediterranean sector. As previously reported, according to Tanktrackers, there are 1.35 million barrels of oil out of a possible 2 million on the board of the tanker. It was assumed that the tanker would not enter the Turkish port, but would unload 0.7-1.35 million barrels in the Mediterranean Sea to another vessel, after which it would proceed to the Suez Canal. “We see another Iranian tanker of the Suezmax class (1 million barrels) sailing north of the Red Sea. This ship is transporting oil to Syria. After delivery, the tanker will be the best candidate to take oil from Adrian Darya 1 on board, ”Tanktrackers said.

A significant event also took place during the week - a new OPEC member country appeared on the African continent. For the first time in its history, Kenya has shipped a batch of crude oil to the world market. Oil reserves in Kenya were discovered in 2012 - in the Lokichar Valley in the amount of 560 million barrels of recoverable oil. Oil production began in June 2018. Kenya became the second oil producing country in East Africa after Uganda. Now the country produces 80 thousand barrels of crude oil per day. The Kenyan government planned to increase oil production to 200 thousand barrels and develop new fields. The first batch of Kenyan oil in the amount of 200 thousand barrels was bought at an international auction by a Chinese company for $ 12 million and sent for refining in Malaysia. “This is a turning point in the history of Kenya,” said President Uhuru Kenyatta, speaking at a ceremony in the port of Mombasa in connection with the dispatch of the first tanker with Kenyan oil. The president also unfurled a national flag aboard a tanker that took on board 200,000 barrels of oil.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka also intends to become an oil producing country. Vajira Dassanayake, Director General of the Sri Lanka Oil Resource Development Secretariat (PRDS), said the country also held a tender and received three applications for exploration and development of a site in the Mannar basin off the northwest coast of Sri Lanka. “We expect the first production in 2023,” Reuters quoted Dassanayake. The site was previously explored by Cairn India, which discovered natural gas in the Mannar Basin back in 2011. However, in 2015 they left the industry due to falling oil prices. Geological exploration data shows that more than 1 billion barrels of oil can be in the Mannar basin. The Sri Lankan government also signed a two-year exploration agreement with Total and Equinor to further explore the hydrocarbon potential in Sri Lanka.

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