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The outgoing year turned out to be more than saturated for cryptocurrencies, and especially for their flagship bitcoin. Let’s recall the main events that caused the collapse of hopes of some traders and were the cause of optimism for others.

At the beginning of 2018, cryptoinvestors rightfully poured champagne. Bitcoin, of course, lost a little from the fixed maximum, but still the course in the region of $ 14,000 inspired reinforced concrete confidence in a bright future. Holders of altcoins also did not remain in stock. Etherium 1200, Litecoin 300 and Ripple XRP take off 13 times, it seemed the era of prosperity begun.

However, already in February, Bitcoin dropped below $ 10,000, responding to negative news from Asia. The Chinese comrades in their own style decided to block access to local and foreign platforms for centralized trading. In South Korea, the authorities obliged all cryptocurrency traders to convert anonymous digital accounts into personalized ones by the end of the month in accordance with AML / KYC legislation.

At the same time, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) quite positively assessed the great potential of the blockchain for the development of the economic sector. Immediately, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, announced the inevitability of regulating the cryptocurrency industry at the international level and the need to resist the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to launder money and finance terrorism.
Bitcoin met the spring near $ 10,000, but already March 8 was the last day, after which the main cryptocurrency did not overcome this psychological mark. In the same month, “thundered out loud” from where it was not expected - Google announced its intention to ban advertising of “cryptocurrency and related content, including ICO, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets and trading recommendations.” This decision came into force in June, but even earlier Facebook and Instagram went to similar measures. Google later relaxed this policy by allowing cryptocurrency exchange ads to certified companies from the United States and Japan.

In the middle of summer, Bitcoin made a powerful attempt and confidently overcame the $ 8,000 mark, but failed to hold positions - by mid-August, the main cryptocurrency returned to $ 6,000. This was partly due to the SEC’s failure to launch Bitcoin-ETF of the Winklevoss brothers and postpone consideration of several other similar applications, but the most alarming moment was that the market practically did not react to the really great news about the work on the creation of the cryptocurrency platform Bakkt.

In the same month, the information appeared that would later play a key role in the dynamics of cryptocurrency. This, of course, is about nChain’s plans to release a Bitcoin SV client for a complete Bitcoin Cash node (BCH). As reported, the client is being developed at the request of the Coingeek pool and created according to the “original vision” of Satoshi Nakamoto. In fact, the company, behind which stands the notorious Craig Wright, made it clear that it intends to create its own version of Bitcoin Cash, but what consequences it will have, then very few people suspected. Next came the real hashrate battle. At the same time, significant resources were transferred from BTC to mining BCH, while the extraction of both cryptocurrencies, which for convenience for some time called Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV, was carried out at a loss to achieve an illusory goal.

The market did not remain indifferent. In September and October, the price of Bitcoin, if it went down, was a measured step. Starting from November 15, Bitcoin moved to a steep dive, and on December 15 it dropped to the lowest values this year - $ 3,191.30 according to CoinMarketCap.

Another interesting fact is that this year Bitcoin celebrated a decade. The first decade of life was very bright, let's see what the second one brings to us.


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