It can be stated that the price for Bitcoin in 2018 is not expected to jump to the Moon.

The prices of bitcoin and most other cryptoactive assets are much lower than at the end of last year. The market is still looking for a foothold after a protracted correction, replaced by a stinging flat. Many analysts, however, do not fall into pessimism and regard the dynamics of Bitcoin as quite predictable and cite as an example comparative graphs of price changes starting from 2010.

Most of them believe that the market should recover in time. The observed sharp decline was reflected not only in cryptoinvestors, but also on the miners. If in 2017 it was extremely cost-effective, even at home, now the situation is clearly the opposite. Evidence of this is the fall in hash rates due to the shutdown of tens of thousands of mining devices, lower farm prices and poor financial performance of Nvidia in the relevant segment.

As is known, the prices of most cryptocurrencies since the beginning of the year fell by 70-80%. It is quite natural that in such conditions miners become much smaller, since many types of equipment operate at a loss. Even enthusiasts believe that it makes no sense now to buy video cards. Despite the seemingly decadent mood in the market, the situation with mining immediately spawned new directions in business. Companies that not only create such hybrid solutions, but also design and install sometimes quite complex and powerful systems, are increasingly appearing on the market.

For example, the Ukrainian company Hotmine has been working on solutions of this kind since 2013. The company classifies its products in the mining 2.0 category. Now the company is creating "miners-convectors" of various options and configurations that can be used for both small rooms and large objects.
Such solutions, but already focused on the mining of altcoins, creates a Comino startup. According to the developers, liquid cooling increases the performance of the video cards involved in it by 20%. The device works very quietly, giving out 200 Mh / s at mining Ethereum. Also, according to Comino, the unit can be used as a home heater.

A similar, albeit somewhat less powerful solution, is offered by the French startup Qarnot. The QC-1 cryptoheater is equipped with two graphics cards - AMD Sapphire Nitro and Radeon RX580 8G, whose total performance is 60 MH / s.

Coinmine introduced a device for the extraction of cryptocurrencies, which look like an Xbox game console. It offers several mining options: Ethereum and Ethereum Classic with a computing speed of 29 MH / s, Monero with 800 H / s, Zcash with 290 sols / s. The site states that the device is based on the AMD Radeon RX 570 4 GB graphics card. The device consumes 120 watts, low noise - 40 dB - allows you to install it in a living room or office. The user can control the mining through an intuitive application for Android or iOS.

As you can see, the crypto-life does not freeze with negative dynamics. Attempts to make mining again cost-effective will undoubtedly contribute to hashrate stabilization and the stability of the cryptoindustry in general.

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