Last week was not the easiest for the crypto community.

Bitcoin with an enviable constancy moved down, and traders stopped reading the analytical review, trying to understand what happened, and were melancholically updating the charts, waiting for a sign to change the trend. Investors and companies suffered serious losses, especially the manufacturers of mining equipment. The phrase scattered on the web that the “tourists” are washed out from the crypromarket began to acquire an increasingly sarcastic shade.

The reasons for this behavior of the crypto flagship are not completely understood. Apparently, therefore, most analysts switched to predictions about what is still waiting for Bitcoin in the future. Almost one hundred percent of specialists in one voice declare that it is too early to bury Bitcoin. Taking into account the volatility of the main cryptocurrency, such a dynamics is quite a common phenomenon. For several months of sluggish movement, most of the market participants managed to get used to the absence of any significant movements in the market, so a sharp drop in the rate was a real shock for them. Experts advise not to panic and not start frantically selling cryptocurrency in the hope of returning at least something. Each recession is followed by a rise, which, remembering the unpredictability of Bitcoin, can be even more impressive.

Sonny Singh, who is the commercial director of the BitPay crypto-processing center, suggested that in 2019 the most popular cryptocurrency could grow to fifteen or even twenty thousand dollars per unit. Despite the fact that now Bitcoin loses more than thirty percent of its value per month, Sonny is still confident that the difficulties are temporary, and there will be a significant "price hike" next year. Singh links it, first of all, with the launch of crypto-investment products from large financial institutions.

Alex Tapscot, the author of the book Blockchain Revolution, believes that at this moment all cryptocurrencies are somewhat overvalued. However, in his opinion, the current fall will launch a new increase.

The investor, Anthony Pompliano, defines the “bottom” of the market with a $ 3000 index and believes that in the short term the decline will continue. The achievement of these values by the price will be a good moment for purchases, the return of large investors and a new influx of small buyers. In the long run, bitcoin is surely waiting for steady growth.

Head of Trading at Oanda Corp. Stephen Innes does not share the optimism of Pompliano. He is one of the few analysts who sees the future in black. Innes said in an interview with Bloomberg: “There are still a lot of people in this game. But if a collapse happens, the course will start falling to $ 3000, everything will take a very serious turn. Investors will start coming out fast. ” In his opinion, a depreciation to $ 2,500 could cause a collapse of the industry.


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