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The past week was marked by several notable events, which clearly demonstrate the penetration of crypto-currency into almost all areas of cultural life.

The Maecenas blockchain-platform, with the support of the London art gallery Dadiani Syndicate, which was the first in the UK to decide to accept digital money, sold a share from Andy Warhol's "14 small electric chairs" at a crypto-currency auction, the deal amounted to $ 5.6 million. The auction, which was attended by about 800 people, was held in the format of selling digital certificates. The payment was accepted in Bitcoin, Ethereum or internal tokens of the Maecenas platform called ART. The buyer of "14 small electric chairs" paid 49% of the cost of the canvas, ensuring shared ownership of the work of art. The key work "14 small electric chairs" refers to the late work of the author and dates back to 1980. It enters the private top-15 of the most famous works of the artist, behind "Che Guevara", "Diptych Marilyn" and "Banks of soup" Campbell. " The market value at the beginning of 2018 was estimated at $ 5.5 million or 738 bitcoins.

The segment luxe also does not lag. One of the largest dealer centers for the sale of luxury cars in the US Post Oak Motor Cars announced the beginning of reception bitcoin-payments. The processing support for the purchase of Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Bugatti from anywhere in the world will be provided by BitPay. The initiator of the cooperation was the owner of Post Oak Motor Cars Tilman Fertitta, who was interested in the growth of bitcoin. In March, the Japanese company L'Operaio announced the possibility of buying cars using bitcoin.

In Russia, the shooting crew of the blockbuster "Empire V", the screen version of the novel by the same name by Victor Pelevin, attracted 2,000 Ethereum during the fundraising for the final stage of filming. According to producer Maria Kapralova, now more than 70% of the material is shot, the picture is supported by the Film Foundation and interested the leading film distributors. The main heroine of the film Geru will play a new star, found through online casting, whose name is still kept secret. The director and producer of the picture Victor Ginzburg called ICO Bablos a precedent for the world cinema business. Among the 2 million Bablos coins the open sale received 1.7 million. The minimum package for the investor is 10 Bablos = 0.2 ETH. One can buy Bablos for Ethereum, bitcoin and WebMoney. The expected revenue at the box office will be 1 billion rubles. The payment of dividends to the owners of Bablos after the release of "Empire V" at the end of 2019 will occur in proportion to the number of tokens. In addition, the holders of Bablos can use the crypto currency to participate in the closed crypto premiere or save it for participation in the following projects of the film company: the rights to the screen versions of Pelevin S.N.U.F.F., iPhuck 10, Batman Apollo and the international historical series have already been bought.

At the beginning of the week, the ConsenSys start-up academy launched an online course based on the Coursera educational platform, dedicated to blocking technology and its application in various fields. According to the authors of the course, five-week program Blockchain: Foundations And Use Cases can be mastered even by students without prior technical training. During the course, students will become acquainted with the philosophy of decentralization. Students will learn from examples of industry leaders, and will also try to develop their own blockbuster solution. "The course will be useful for everyone who is interested in learning the basics of blockage, from business leaders who want to better understand technology, for teachers, technologists and others, who are making their first steps to the world of blockade," the Coursera website says. It is noted that at the end of the course, all students will receive the appropriate certificates.

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