19:48 03 Jun 2018

Last week was short for the US market.

19:24 03 Jun 2018

The last week of May significantly cooled down the enthusiasm of the oil market optimists.

12:48 28 May 2018

The attempts to take control of the anarchist sphere of cryptomarket are still ongoing.

12:55 28 May 2018

The US stock market began the previous week with growth, because of the dynamics of shares of industrial companies, which reacted to the easing of trade tensions between the US and China.

12:45 28 May 2018

The past week began with talks that the OPEC + agreement on oil production reduction could be adjusted.

13:17 22 May 2018

The past week was noted by the hardfork in the Bitcoin Cash network and the increased interest of serious players in the prospects of the blockchain.

12:13 22 May 2018

The week began with the growth in the US stock market after the recession of trade tension between the US and China after the softening of Trump's position on the Chinese technology company ZTE Corp.

12:27 22 May 2018

The previous week began with stable growth after the release of OPEC's forecast of an increase in world oil demand. The cost of July futures for the North Sea oil blend of Brent brand grew by 0.14%, to 77.25 dollars per barrel, June futures for WTI crude oil - by 0.06%, to 70.75 dollars per barrel. Investors estimate the data of the OPEC May report published earlier on Monday. The organization raised the forecast for the growth in oil demand in the world in 2018 by 0.02 million barrels per day, to 1.65 million.

The oil-producing Venezuela is in a "spiral of death," as analysts say. The oil production of Petroleos de Venezuela SA, the oil company of Venezuela, is rapidly declining, but some investors suggest that the company will continue to supply the world market with oil and will keep the inflow of foreign currency into the country. Nevertheless, these expectations are beginning to weaken. The American oil company ConocoPhillips is taking steps to obtain operational control over the refineries and PdVSA storage facilities located in the Caribbean Sea. Earlier, the arbitration court awarded Conoco $ 2 billion for Venezuelan nationalization of these assets in 2007. It can hit hard on Venezuela: Caribbean storage facilities and oil refining infrastructure are needed for Venezuela to mix the country's heavy oil with lighter grades in order to create a lap that is suitable for export. According to the economist Philip Verleger, because of this situation, the reduction of oil exports from Venezuela can reach 500,000 barrels per day, while the total oil production in the country is 1.4 million barrels per day. Along with the resumption of sanctions against Iran, a reduction in Venezuelan oil exports could lead to an increase in oil prices above current multi-year highs. According to some reports, Venezuela's oil production is at its lows for many decades, not counting instability in 2002-2003, which led to an increase in world oil prices.

The second month of Russia's violations of the market stabilization agreement led to an increase in oil production in Saudi Arabia in April. Over the month, the state oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Aramco increased production by 46.5 thousand barrels a day. The total volume - 9.959 million barrels per day - has become a record since the fourth quarter of last year, follows from the OPEC monthly report on the state of the world market. As of the beginning of May, only 2 out of the 11 OPEC countries that signed the production cutback agreement have pumped more quotas, it follows from the report. Iraq produced 4,429 million barrels per day (against the required 4.351 million), and Iran increased production to 3.823 million barrels per day (with a quota of 3.797 million). In general, OPEC fulfilled its part of the transaction by 166%.

By the middle of the week, oil quotations went down after the data of the American Petroleum Institute on the growth of reserves in the United States became known. According to the API, for the week that ended May 11, the reserves of "black gold" in the United States increased by 4.854 million barrels. Despite the fact that experts expected that they will drop by 763 thousand barrels. July futures for Brent crude oil fell by 0.31 percent and they were given 78.19 dollars per barrel. June futures for WTI fell by 0.28 percent and began to cost 71.11 dollars.

However, by the end of the week, the value of the July futures contract for Brent crude oil exceeded the $ 80 mark for the first time since November 25, 2014. Earlier, analysts at Bank of America said that by 2019 the price of oil could rise to $ 100 per barrel. Experts attributed the tendency to increase in oil prices to the risk of disruption of supplies from Venezuela and Iran, as well as a reduction in world oil reserves - in the presence of these factors, the cost of one barrel will reach $ 90. When OPEC decides to keep the agreement on reduced production, as well as when imposing sanctions on Iran, the price of oil will overcome the $ 100 mark.


19:53 14 May 2018

The previous week began with the increase in the US stock market due to the growth of the technology sector, driven by Apple shares.

19:34 14 May 2018

The previous week began with the active growth of oil quotations that reached their maximum levels since November 2014 due to fears of reduction in the supply of raw materials.

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